Top 7 Tips for Keeping Your Firearms Safe at Home

Gun safety has always been a primary concern for responsible gun owners. Most enthusiasts agree that a firearm, on its own, is essentially harmless. The problem is the competence and the aptitude of the individual who wields it, especially when it comes to proper safety protocols and safekeeping.

There is no problem with keeping guns at home. Most citizens keep at least one firearm at home for safety purposes. The main concern is how you keep that gun safe and away from your kids or any unauthorized individuals. What you do to prevent just anyone from picking up the firearm and playing with it and potentially harming themselves or anyone is what makes the difference. When it comes to gun safety, there are a number of ways to keep your family members, especially your children, away from danger around firearms. By adhering to these few simple tips, you can protect your household from potential intruders and criminal elements while ensuring the safety of everyone inside the house through proper firearm handling and safekeeping.

Never point the gun’s muzzle at anything or anyone you don’t intend to shoot.

This should already be common knowledge, but unfortunately, there are still people out there that treat firearms as if they were toys. And when an accidental discharge happens, and someone gets hurt, it gets attributed to gun violence in the press when in fact the true culprit is stupidity and mishandling of the firearm. Keep in mind that the gun’s muzzle is the business end; don’t point it at anyone or anything unless you mean business.

Keep your finger away from the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

This is another point that should already be common knowledge, but the world we live is not perfect. So, until you actually intend to pull the trigger, always keep your finger off the trigger to prevent an accidental discharge, even if you’re certain that the gun isn’t loaded or that there’s no bullet in the chamber. Better safe than sorry, don’t you agree?

Never keep guns loaded when not in use.

Whenever you store your gun in its secure location, make sure to remove the ammunition first. Storing guns that are loaded, cocked, and ready to shoot only happens in the movies. No responsible gun owner does that in the real world. So when you’re done using the firearm, make sure to unload the ammo before storing it and always keep the ammunitions in a different location.

Make sure that you are familiar with your own firearm and know how it operates.

Knowledge and familiarization are keys to gun safety and proper handling of firearms. If it’s your first time buying or owning a gun, make sure that you familiarize yourself with how the firearm operates. Figure out its safety features and learn how to properly handle the weapon, especially when loading and unloading ammunition. Guns come with an owner’s manual, so make use of it.

Always store your firearms in a secure locked location.

For responsible gun owners, the most horrific thing that could happen to their firearm is for it to end up in the hands of a child or a teenager who has no clue what to do. Any dangerous weapons inside the home should be placed in a secure location, such as a locked cabinet, a safe, or any storage case under lock and key, away from the reach of children or any individual who is untrained to handle the weapon properly. If you have money to spend on a gun, then you might as well invest in a gun vault for proper safekeeping, right?

Immediately unload, clean, and store your firearms after using them.

Feeling tired after a hunting trip or a day at the range is understandable. But you should always remember to unload, clean, and store your guns in their rightful location before you do anything else once you arrive at home. Don’t leave your rifle or pistol lying around while you freshen up or grab a cold one from the fridge. That’s a disaster just waiting to happen.

Make sure that everyone in the household is well-educated about gun safety and proper handling.

If you’re going to keep a gun in the house, then you might as well have age-appropriate members of the family learn about gun safety and proper handling. Make sure that you educate everyone in your family about the importance of firearms safety. It’s important that adults know how to handle a firearm properly and for young ones to learn what to do whenever they find an unattended firearm anywhere in the home.

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