The Six Best Traits of Military Personnel That Every Employee Should Emulate

A lot of people look up to military members because of the kind of training they get, especially in discipline. The kind of discipline they have is something that is lacking in most people, particularly some office personnel. This is why some companies often have problems with their employees when it comes to over-all performance. Discipline plays a big part in the molding of a person. The more disciplined a person is, the more hard working, passionate, honest, and successful he is.

Aside from discipline, there are other traits of military members that every employee should emulate. Here are seven of them.

1. Military members always complete their task on the appointed time.

Members of the military, especially the veterans, are trained to finish their tasks on time. It does not matter if the task is simple or complex. When a military member starts doing something, he does not leave and take it for granted; he follows through and completes the task no matter how challenging it can become. Additionally, military members are trained to analyze situations on their own, seeking only the advice and guidance of their superiors when every effort has been exhausted. The attitude is always “never give up” even when the going gets tough.

2. Military members are good decision-makers.

In an office scenario, this is what happens when an important decision has to be made: One employee consults a co-employee about a decision he needs to make. This co-employee then asks another employee for his opinion. And so on, until the employee who first asked for advice will finally get the answer he wants. Then he makes a decision. Often, this leads to confusion and uncertainty. In the military, decision-making is very simple. The decision is out in two minutes’ time. As quick as that. If the decision invites a difficulty or a challenge, this is acted upon as they go along. Therefore, no time and effort are wasted.

3. Military members always look out for each others.

In the office, backstabbing is a common practice. One employee talks about another employee and says negative things about him. Most of the time, instead of supporting each other, they try to bring each other down. In the military, the members always look out for each other. They always support each other. Their camaraderie is genuine. Even when nobody tells them to do so, they will help others because they know what they signed up for; they work for their fellowmen, their fellow soldiers, and for their country. They do not glorify themselves. Because they look out for each other, they are able to achieve more.

4. Military members can work with minimal supervision.

Even when their leaders and commanders are not around, military members can perform tasks and complete projects. They do not depend too much on their commanders, and they can do things and work on their own, with very minimal supervision. Once they are given instructions, they move and start working on whatever their task is. Many office personnel often wait for validation from their bosses before performing and completing a task.

5. Military members are not afraid to take on difficult and challenging tasks or projects.

Even when a task or project is difficult or challenging, a military member does not back out. Instead, he finds ways to complete the task. He is not one to easily give up. For him, the more difficult and challenging a task is, the better. Additionally, he does this efficiently, so he saves up a lot of time in completing the task. If an office personnel is given a complicated, it will take days or weeks before he can finish it. He’ll probably use one day to contemplate on the matter and to ask himself whether he can do it or not. His hesitation wastes a lot of time.

6. Military members look and act professionally.

One of the first things taught in the military is proper grooming. As such, this is what they first learn and instill into their daily routine. Military men and women have clean cut hair that’s always neatly combed, well-pressed uniforms (and even non-working clothes!), and polished shoes. The men shave regularly. They stand and sit straight, exercising perfect posture. And when they talk, they establish eye contact with the person they are communicating with. Also, military members are always mindful of what’s happening around them, so they can easily adapt to situations. Likewise, they never fail to greet their superiors and colleagues when they pass each other.