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R Nicholls is not only your primary source of information about military and police issues; it is also your go-to source for the best and most practical uniforms, equipment, gear, and firearms, among many others. We regularly update our list of online shops, so you are guaranteed to get fresh options every 3 days.

Likewise, you’re sure to get only the best as we choose high-quality products.

Check out our list of some of the best online shops and start shopping:

Patrol Store

Patrol Store is where you will find top grade equipment and clothing for military and police personnel. If you want boots, you’ll get your boots. Patrol Store specializes in boots – particularly in combat boots and police boots. Whatever kind of boot you want or need, they can provide.

If you want high-quality products at reasonable prices, Patrol Store is the only store for you!


USCAV or U.S. Cavalry has been in business since 1973. Its first retail store was in Kentucky. Although there were a lot of stores sprouting at that time, USCAV stood out because it was the only one that offered products and services for the individual soldier. It was also the only store that had on-site computerized embroidery. Later on, the store went into catalog marketing/selling. Today, USCAV is one of the most popular stores and suppliers of high-quality equipment for the military and the police.


Special Forces Gear was established after LTC Dave Thomas, a member of the Airborne Forces and the Special Forces (Green Berets), decided to share his experiences with the other soldiers. So, using his Special Forces gear as a basis, he created his own equipment designs, making sure that the products’ appearance, utility, and comfort were improved so that civilians could also use them. And so, Special Forces Gear was born.