RS Nicholls knows that the Internet can influence people. It acknowledges the fact that the information superhighway can reach even the farthest corners of the world. This is why RS Nicholls encourages its visitors and members to take advantage of this opportunity and advertise. If you have a business, project, event, or activity – especially those that are related to or can benefit the military and police community – that you want to advertise, RS Nicholls welcomes you with open arms.

Increase your online presence by advertising with RS Nicholls. Here are your options:

Advertising Options

Choose the option that will best benefit you or your company, or your

Banner In Between Texts –Advertise your products/services/event with a simple banner placed in between texts.

Moving Banner – For a visually appealing ad, choose the moving banner, which is normally placed below the navigation menu. This banner moves and rotates along with other ads. Your ad will have longer online exposure if you choose this format.

Rotating Square Ad – This rotating banner is positioned in the sidebar area.

You can also sit down with us so we can discuss how you want to advertise. We can create a special personalized package for you, one that is designed according to your needs.

Get a more detailed description of each ad option by visiting THIS PAGE. Likewise, you can also ask about what we will need on your end so we can start working on your ad immediately. And, oh, don’t forget to ask about our rates, too, as well as our different packages for easier payment options!