What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “military” and “police”? The answers we get vary. For some, it would be the words “courage” and “discipline”. For others, it is the word “service”. Well, there is no right or wrong answer because we all have our own perception of what the military and police stand for. What we all can agree on, however, is that the military and the police are our every day heroes because they sacrifice their families, their love, and their lives for all of us.

This is what R Nicholls believes in, and this is what made us decide to start this website.

R Nicholls is a special blog dedicated to anything and everything that can bring comfort, convenience, and assistance to our military and police personnel. Aside from news updates, fun and interesting facts, discussions, and tip & tricks, we also showcase various items for our everyday heroes. R Nicholls is where you will find helpful details and information about military and police uniforms, equipment, gear, and weapons, among others.

Aside from all these, R Nicholls also comes up with special features that focus on tools and strategies for the military and police. Physical and mental weapons, simple and complex strategies, all aimed at helping them work toward the fulfillment of their goals. These features or programs are also intended to help improve professional skills and build healthy, happy, and successful lives for our modern-day heroes (and their families).